Benevolent Fund

This fund was created in 1986 upon a suggestion from Sheila Chisholm.  Her husband had received financial assistance from a similar fund when in need and she felt that dance teachers should have access to a fund to assist and support them when under financial duress.

A constitution was drafted, a board of trustees was appointed and events were held to raise money to put into the Fund.

The purpose of the Fund was defined as existing to assist members of the WPDTA who fall on hard times chiefly due to medical reasons.

A basic concept that governs the distribution of funds is that the capital amount is not used but rather only the accrued interest.  To this end, we have created two separate bank accounts for the Fund.  One consists of the capital amount and the other contains the interest which is accessible to give to members in need.  Another governing principle is that only 10% of the accessible amount may be given to any one teacher in a year.

The Fund receives a portion of each member’s annual subs and also gets income from the Showcase of Dance.


Any paid up member of the WPDTA may apply for assistance from the Fund OR a member may apply on behalf of another member.

A written application should be submitted to the Board of Trustees and should include a doctor’s certificate in the case of illness and a financial statement to support the application.

All details are kept strictly confidential.  The case is discussed on its merits and assessed as to whether it meets the criteria as set out in the constitution and whether there is available money in the accessible account.

To date, the Ben Fund has made a difference to the lives of some of our members in times of distress.  We welcome applications for help and encourage our members to approach the Trustees in these circumstances.


Chairperson: Richard Karsen

Vice chairperson: Sheila Chisholm

Secretary: Daphne Jubber

Treasurer:  Elke Cartwright

Legal Advisor:  Christelle Olivier

Medical Advisor:  Dr Kerrin Begg

Trustee: Val Haysom

Chairperson of WPDA:  Elke Cartwright