• To raise the standard of dance instruction by working for the advancement, promotion, preservation and presentation of the arts, culture and customs of our country.
  • To develop a high standard of professional proficiency.
  • To promote a spirit of cooperation and respect among all qualified teachers.


Membership shall be open to all persons over the age of 18 years who have held a responsible teaching position for a minimum of twelve months before the date of application for membership and who have a minimum qualification of:

Institution Qualification
R.A.D Intermediate and provisional registration
I.S.T.D Advanced One
I.S.T.D Elementary  (Greek)
A.I.D.T Modern Associate A in full
A.I.D.T Tap Associate A in full
S.A.D.T.A Associate
DANCECOR Associate
Irish Dance Assoc. of SA Associate
Greek Assoc. of SA Associate
Acrobatic Federation of SA Associate
  • A person/s teaching African Traditional or Contemporary Dance at a recognized university or institution.
  • A person/s holding a recognized university Diploma or Degree in Dance.
  • An independent or freelance dance professional teaching and/or choreographing in any dance form and who is of recognized standing in the dance community.
  • Application for membership shall be made on the prescribed form and be submitted to the Association who in their entire discretion may either accept or reject the application.  Each application shall be accompanied by the current entrance fee and current annual subscription which shall both be refunded if the application is rejected.
  • The amount of the annual subscription shall be decided on by the Association and shall become due on the 1st January of each year.  Member whose fees are unpaid at the 31st March shall not be eligible to vote at any meeting, members whose fees are unpaid at 31st May shall have their names removed from the register.
  • The Association may, in their entire discretion, elect certain persons as Honorary members.


  • Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Chairman, on giving each committee member not less than 10 days written notice.
  • General meetings shall be called by the Executive Committee on giving each member not less than 10 days notice.
  • No business may be conducted at any meeting unless a quorum of 4 committee members is present for the whole length of the meeting.
  • Within three months after the end of the subscription year, being 31st December of each respective year, the Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at which the financial statements for the previous year shall be presented for approval by the members.  A committee of seven headed by a Chairman and Vice Chairman plus a secretary and treasurer shall be elected to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.  Nothing shall prevent a member from holding more than one of the above mentioned offices, or from holding the same office for more than one year.
  • No resolution passed shall be rescinded at a subsequent meeting unless notice is given to members along with the notice calling that meeting of the intention to rescind that resolution.


  • The administration of the affairs of the Association shall be by the members of the Association but the elected Committee shall have the power, in an emergency, to take such actions and decisions as they think fit.  In this event, the Chairman shall call a meeting of the members at the first available opportunity to explain the actions or decision of the Executive Committee to members.


  • An account at a Registered Commercial Bank or Deposit Receiving Institution shall be opened in the name of the Association.  All moneys received by the Association shall be banked into the Association account.
  • Signatures required to withdraw from the accounts shall be those of the Chairman or the Vice-Chairman and Secretary or Treasurer.
  • At each Annual General Meeting, auditors shall be appointed to examine the books and accounts and vouchers of the Association and to report to the members as to whether they are satisfied with the results of their examinations and if not satisfied in which respects they are not satisfied.
  • In the event of the auditors requiring amendments to be made to the accounting records then such amendments shall be effected within 30 days of such request.
  • The Association shall not distribute any of its proceeds or profits to members by way of dividend or remuneration and all surpluses accruing to the Association shall be employed in further the objects of the Association, except that nothing shall prevent the payment to a member for work done or services performed.  Notwithstanding the above the Association has resolved to establish a fund to be known as the WPDTA Benevolent Fund which shall be governed in terms of its constitution.
  • Surpluses accruing to the Association shall be employed to further the objects of the Association through ie: bursaries for tertiary or university dance education or teaching, providing funds and or external services towards WPDTA competition winners/champions.  Discretionary amounts must be agreed to by a quorum of the governing body.
  • Financial year ends on 28 February of each year to coincide with the financial year.


  • The Association may formulate a code of professional conduct which shall be binding on all members.
  • Members who breach the code may, at the entire discretion of the Association be suspended from the Association for a period of time decided by the Association, and/or may receive a warning from the Association, and/or they or any pupils taught by them may be debarred from taking part in any function or activity organised or sanctioned by the Association.  The Association may also decide that the name of the offending member be circulated to all the members.  The code as envisaged in this paragraph may be included in the provisions contained in the by-laws from time to time.


Reinstatement of members shall only be permissible:

  • Where voluntary resignation has been tendered for reasons satisfactory to the Association.
  • Where a member has been expelled for non-payment of arrears.  Reinstatement can only be obtained by payment of all arrears, and by consent of the Association.  If however the member has requested a leave of absence from the Association, arrears do not have to be paid.
  • For any other reason that the Association may in their sole discretion permit.


The constitution may only be changed by at least 15 of the members who are present at a meeting specially convened for that purpose, voting in favour of a change, provided that the details of the proposed change be circulated to members along with the notice convening the meeting.  10 days notice shall be required.

This constitution shall be effective from April 2006, amendments March 2008.


  • No member of the Association shall either directly or indirectly, personally or by deputy, either by correspondence or visitation attempt to obtain another member’s pupil or solicit engagement at schools or other establishments where any member of the Association is known to be already appointed to teach.
  • No student shall be allowed to teach without the permission of the teacher with whom he or she is training.
  • Before enrolling a pupil who has received previous tuition, a teacher shall establish whether all fees due to the previous teacher have been fully paid.  If fees are unpaid then the pupil may not be enrolled.
  • No member shall in any way, whether in writing or by word of mouth or by behaviour, derogate from the dignity or standing of the profession or damage, criticize or depreciate the standing or reputation of any colleague.
  • Members shall regard all matters discussed at meetings or information given at meetings as strictly confidential.
  • Should a member violate any by-law or term of this constitution, such member shall be required to attend the next meeting of the committee when any circumstances in extenuation may be adduced and may be considered by the members of the Committee before arriving at a decision.
  • If the member concerned fails to attend, the decision of the Committee shall take immediate effect, but an appeal in all cases may be made to the committee. Any decision by the Committee in respect of this paragraph shall be by unanimous vote.
  • It is not permissible for any member of WPDTA to offer auditions/bursaries/free tuition to pupils of other studios.
  • The loyalty of all members of the Association is implicitly relied upon for the maintenance of the honour and dignity of the profession.  It shall be their duty to serve by cooperation and personal effort the highest degree of respect for the art of dancing and its representatives.
  • The members of the Association in a general meeting shall be empowered to add, to alter, or amend the aforementioned by-laws as and when they think fit.
  • The Western Province Dance Teachers’ Association may at any time be dissolved by a resolution passed by a two thirds majority of those present and voting at a meeting of the members of which at least twenty-one clear days notice shall have been sent to all members.  Such resolution may give instructions for the disposal of any assets held by or in the name of, or on behalf of the members, after all debts and liabilities have been met.  The remaining assets shall be given or transferred to the Western Province Dance Teachers’ Benevolent Fund.
  • No member shall publicly criticize any fellow member at any event sanctioned by the Association or otherwise.
  • Should the position of secretary and/or treasurer be filled by a person other than a registered member of the WPDTA, that person may be counted as making up the quorum for the meeting should the necessity arise.