Intention to participate

  •  This form is your INTENTION TO PARTICIPATE. We will need you to complete a second form at a later date giving more detail on your entry.
  • Members entering a piece need to have been a member of WPDA for a minimum of two years and be fully paid up.
  • The piece is entered under the member’s name and not the studio therefore, as an example:
  • If Pink Petunia’s Ballet School has a faculty of three teachers and all three teachers are paid up members for two years or more, then all three teachers are entitled to enter a work. This gives studio’s the opportunity to enter a junior group and a senior group or to showcase difference dance genres.
  • A R400.00 non refundable deposit is required to secure your entry and spot/s on the stage. This is reviewed annually.
  • Each studio will perform between 3 and 4 times depending on the programme of that year.
  • Due to SAMRO’s request for music information, its important that you complete the “music” question.
  • The Showcase of Dance portfolio – Debbie Turner and Debbie Mc Fadden.
  • Debbie Turner contact details: or 021 7015099
  • Debbie Mc Fadden contact details: or 082 9255758
  • Payment of your non refundable deposit does not secure your place without this form being completed and sent in to the WPDTA office.

Intention to participate 2019

Minimum 5 minutes, maximum 7 minutes