Membership Application

Membership shall be open to all persons over the age of 18 years who have held a responsible teaching position for a minimum of twelve months before date of application for membership and who have achieved a level of competency in their field.

Each entry form should be accompanied by the current annual fee and requested documentation.  Members who have not yet paid fees by 31st March shall not be eligible to vote at any meeting. Members whose fees are unpaid at 31st May shall have their names removed from the register.

Membership Application Form


If a teacher, give particulars of experience:

Are you a member of any other dance society? If so state:

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AGREEMENT: In the event of my election, I, agree to adhere to the rules of the Association and that on removal of my name from the Register of Members, through any cause whatsoever, I will pay all arrears that may be due by me.

Professional conduct: The WPDTA Constitution is binding on all its members. Members who breach this code may at the discretion of the Association, be suspended from meetings for a period of time decided by the Association and/or they or any pupils taught by them may be debarred from taking part in any function or activity organized by the Association.